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Taxes and inflation threaten our economic well-being. Far-left ideologues and activists threaten our Comanche County way of life. I intend to fight for us, not be a rubber stamp for lobbyists and entrenched powers that be. Here are my priorities.
Christian Conservative Values

I am a pastor and a Republican Party Precinct Vice-Chair. I am a Christian first and foremost and a conservative through-and-through. Jesus is my King, and the Word of God is my guide. I make no bones about it. My faith in and love of Christ, which I preach about every other Sunday at Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Elgin, animates my life and would be the foundation of everything I do as your State Senator. 

Romans 13:1-4 teaches us that civil government exists to establish justice for God’s glory and the good of all people. I am not a career politician. I am Christian seeking to obey my Lord and make life better for my neighbors. Glorifying God by serving and protecting the people of SD32 and their freedoms is my purpose for seeking this office.

It is outrageous that the government attempted to force the closure of "non-essential" churches and businesses. It is outrageous that drag queens are permitted to dance and twerk for children at pride parades and story hours in our state. It is outrageous that Norman, Stillwater, and Tulsa public schools have exposed elementary and middle school children to pornographic materials and LGBTQ+ propaganda. It is outrageous that abortion pills still flow legally through our state. It is outrageous that pornography and no-fault divorce are so prevalent in our society. It is outrageous that Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory dominate in many of our public institutions. I promise to support legislation to put a stop to all of this.

As a pastor, I am uniquely equipped to bring morality back into the State capitol. But I'm not just a pastor. I'm also a fighter. It will take not just a moral voice but a strong backbone to fix the moral rot in our government. Vote for me on October 10, and I will be that voice.

Economy and Taxes

I will champion biblical economic principles by promoting limited government intervention, fostering free market competition, and advocating for sound monetary policy and lower taxes. We need to start by eliminating the State income tax and franchise tax.


I prioritize individual stewardship, family values, and ethical business conduct while encouraging private charity and compassion. Our vision is to create a just and prosperous society founded on strong families, thriving communities, and responsible fiscal practices.

Inflation and taxes are squeezing our pocketbooks at every turn. A lot of that is coming from Washington D.C. but there are things we can do in Oklahoma to put ourselves in a better economic position. We can start by reducing or eliminating business taxes and bureaucracy. That’s how we get businesses to come to Oklahoma and make it easier for Oklahoma businesses to thrive! Having more manufacturing, production, and jobs in our state will reduce inflation and help keep costs lower.

Additionally, in my first session as your State Senator, I promise to request that a task force be convened to identify what the state government can do to mitigate the effect that inflation is having on Oklahoma citizens.

Parental Rights

God designed families--one man, one woman, and their children--as the building blocks of a thriving, well-ordered society. Good families build good governments. We must protect traditional marriage, parental authority, and rights to access, evaluate, and make healthcare and educational decisions. I will fight to make sure Oklahoma laws never interfere with the spiritual and economic thriving of families.


Critical to my goal of strengthening families is putting decisions about important topics like health and education back in the hands of parents who love their children, not power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats. I will work with groups like Oklahomans for Health & Parental Rights to fight for parental rights, health choice, health privacy, and informed consent.

Politicians and bureaucrats do not know your children as well as you do nor do they care uniquely for your children like you do. I promise to empower parents to raise and care for their children free from unconstitutional and immoral government interference.

One of the primary bad actors when it comes to unconstitutional and immoral government interference is the federal Department of Education. Controlling education is not one of the federal government's enumerated powers. At the federal level, Congressman Thomas Massie has introduced H.R. 899 to terminate the federal Department of Education, but until that bill is passed, we need bold state lawmakers to step up and say, "No!" I will draft a resolution declaring that Oklahoma will no longer be bound by blatantly unconstitutional regulations and rules that come down from the federal Department of Education. 

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry provides countless Oklahomans with the ability to provide for themselves and their families. A 2021 study found that this industry directly or indirectly supports 15.3% of Oklahoma jobs and accounts for 23.8% of our State's labor income. Currently the oil and gas industry has a 7% gross production tax levied at oil and gas on them. We cannot bite the hand that feeds us. I will fight to reduce the gross production tax.

Of course, when it comes to oil and gas, there is always the threat of federal interference from Biden's EPA and other regulatory agencies getting in the way of production. This is another area where Oklahoma must stand up against overreach that is not within the federal government's enumerated powers.

Abolish Pornography

Few things have ravaged the spiritual health of our nation and our state like pornography. States like Arkansas, Utah, and Virginia passed laws this year causing major porn distributors to cease providing their filth in those states. In Oklahoma, I believe we can do even more to protect our families from degenerates who seek to push their smut even onto our kids.

Equal Protection/Abolish Abortion

No issue is more important than stopping the mass murder of preborn children. I am an abortion abolitionist. Many politicians like to pretend we've done all we can do to protect defenseless preborn children in the womb, but what they don't tell you about are the massive loopholes in our pro-life laws that allow abortion pills to continue flowing freely throughout our state despite the abortion mills closing down. Babies are still being legally murdered in pro-life Oklahoma. A study published last November in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that Oklahoma has the fifth fastest growing rate of self-managed abortion.

I promise to support the Prenatal Equal Protection Act (SB402) which has been sponsored by my friend and fellow abolitionist State Senator Warren Hamilton. Simply put, this bill would abolish abortion by making preborn children equal under law and closing the loopholes which allow for self-managed abortion.

It is important for everyone in SD32 to understand that I am 100% against abortion and for its abolition. Other Oklahoma abortion abolitionist candidates in 2020 and 2022 were hit with deceptive, dark-money attack ads because they didn't fill out a certain compromised pro-life survey or because they were for immediate rather than gradual abolition. These evil, anonymous liars who have slandered my good brothers in Christ might come after me as well. Be ready for it and don't believe a word of it.

2nd Amendment

It's no secret that the depraved Biden-Harris administration is a threat to our God-given right to bear arms. Just a few months ago in a March 14 press release, Biden bragged about "taking more executive action" against guns "than any other president at this point in their presidency." It is absolutely critical that we not only pass good laws in Oklahoma but that we demonstrate courage to defy the tyrannical Biden-Harris administration.

I promise to support Senate Bill 736 which has been authored by Senator Tom Woods and assigned to the Senate Public Safety Committee. This important legislation would establish that "A peace officer, state employee, or employee of a political subdivision is prohibited from enforcing, assisting in the enforcement of, or otherwise cooperating in the enforcement of a federal ban on firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition and is also prohibited from participating in any federal enforcement action implementing a federal ban on firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition."

Missouri has already passed a similar bill protecting gun-owning Missourians. It's time for Oklahoma gun owners to be similarly protected by our State legislature.

Veterans and Military Affairs 

Comanche County, which includes District 32, has the highest percentage of residents that are veterans (17.9%, which is 15,115 veterans) out of all counties in Oklahoma. Across the state, we have over 21,000 active duty and 13,000 reserved forces. Our military and veteran needs must be prioritized, honoring their sacrifices with action, not just words. With evolving needs and invisible injuries, we must be diligent to aid their physical and psychological healing to ensure veterans and families thrive. By bolstering job opportunities, mental health resources, and community integration, we ensure that those who've safeguarded our freedom receive the support they deserve.

I will work with Senator Warren Hamilton, Vice Chair of the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, to make sure our veterans and military get the benefits they deserve. If you are a retired veteran and do not know where to live, I want to make Oklahoma the best choice. I will fight to ensure no one infringes on our veterans' Second Amendment rights.

Covid-19 Mandates

Three years ago, when the Covid-19 lockdowns began, our church was pressured to close, and our congregants were pressured to wear masks. Through that ordeal, it quickly became clear that many pastors and churches were ill-equipped theologically to respond to immoral and illegal government mandates. As a pastor called by God to lead the congregation He has brought to me, I began a period of Biblical study regarding the proper role of government and the proper Christian response to tyranny. After much prayer and study, I began speaking out about the unconstitutional and immoral authoritarianism from various levels of government. 


I spoke at the Elgin, Medicine Park, and Lawton City Council meetings imploring them not to force lockdowns or mask or vaccine mandates. Our church, named Grace Community Church of Elgin at the time, hosted a conference called "Mandating Masks & Vaccines: By Whose Authority?" where we showed from God’s Word and the Constitution that governments, employers, and churches do not have the authority to mandate masks or vaccines upon an innocent population. 


As your Senator, I will labor to ensure that what happened during the Covid-19 tyranny never happens again.

Stop Biden's 30x30 Land Grab

Joe Biden's 30x30 initiative threatens to be the biggest federal land grab in decades and would have serious consequences for rural Oklahomans. Conservative leaders across the country and in Oklahoma are united in their opposition to this radical environmentalist project which threatens the economic security and property rights of Oklahomans.

A government that controls most of our land controls our economies and our lives. A Biden administration that can't figure out who's bringing cocaine into the white house has no business telling us what to do with our rural land. I promise to support Senator Casey Mudock's SB980 which would protect Oklahomans' land from federal intrusion. Further, I have submitted a resolution condemning Biden's 30X30 plan to the Comanche County Commissioners for their approval. Numerous other rural counties in Oklahoma have already passed similar resolutions.

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